Cleanse Gently
Washing the face twice per day to remove excess oil is a great way to remove dirt, oil, makeup or other items that may have accumulated on your face per day. However, it's important to cleanse the right way--not too harshly, according to This means washing your face with tepid to warm--not boiling--water to avoid stripping the skin of healthy, natural oils. Utilizing a gentle soap also is preferred, even if you have very oily skin. This type of cleanser is typically all that is necessary to remove the oil and dirt from the day without stripping the skin of needed oils. 
You should not utilize a cloth that is highly abrasive, as it can create scratches on the skin that can actually aggravate the skin and cause it to produce even more oil. Instead, you should use a non-abrasive cloth to gently exfoliate and dry the skin following cleansing--do not rub vigorously.

Utilize a Drying Product
Drying products help to reduce the amount of oil that resides on the skin, which can help to take away the shiny look that you may find unappealing. A variety of oil-control products exist and the best product to choose is the one that you will continuously use. For example, if you are often on the go, carrying a small box of oil-blotting papers can help to absorb oil when you need a quick fix, according to Real Simple. Both Proactiv and Clean and Clear make oil blotting papers. These can be used on a bare face or with makeup. 

If you prefer to apply a product once in the morning, a variety of gels or primers exist that can reduce oil on the skin. The products work to trap and soak in oil to keep makeup in place, according to Real Simple.

Use an Astringent
Astringents are liquids that are applied to a cotton ball or pad and then to the skin. When gently swept over the skin, astringents help to tighten the pores and remove soap residue, according to You should avoid very drying astringents, such as those that contain alcohol, in favor of those with acetone or witch hazel

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