Pakistan is very beautiful country and Pakistanis are most interesting nation of world, no matter how many problems they are facing in Pakistan when it comes to Pakistan they become filled with patriotism and always enjoy being Pakistani. 
           PAKISTAN came into being on 14th August 1947, when MUSLIMS of india got freedom from british government and cruel hindus. It was historical day for Muslims and every year on the same date Pakistanis feel the same patriotism and celebrate this day with full of enthusiasm and love,
and why not this freedom means a lot to them. celebrations started from 1st august  to 14th August. Let's see how this day is celebrated in Pakistan!!

Celebrations start by placing Pakistani flag Bedges over chest to show the place of this country in hearts of Pakistanis

Streets, houses, shopping malls and even cars are being decorated with flags and green and white colors

All the markets are full with Flag products including Flags, bangles, dresses, hand bands, glasses, wrist watches, mask, color paints etc

In schools students celebrate by performing on different National songs, dress up with beautiful Green and white dresses

The world largest flag belongs to Pakistan!! and every year on 14th august They make larger flag than before.

and world Largest Human Flag (Guinness world record)  also belongs to  PAKISTAN!!!

Bakers show their love by making cakes of Paksitani Flag cakes and Pakistanis love to buy them and cut them at sharp 12:00 am with National songs in background!!

If anyone wants to see real face of Pakistan must visit this country between 1st august to 14th august, I am sure You will feel patriotism within yourself! 


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