Assalam o Alaikum friends hope you guys are doing well, from today on wards I am starting career counselling on my blog for those who really need it!
            On the whole its a general counselling for every one but as I live in Pakistan and finding a job is little bit different here and also I am aware of all the circumstances and problems that our youth face while beginning a career, so, I will focus more on Pakistani Youth or  everyone who is facing the same conditions!
           Everyone loves to have a high paying job as soon as they graduate! because its a general thinking that we are studying because we have to find a good job and we choose our department in university according to need of companies more than our interest! But its a bitter truth that most of them do not get what they actually deserve or I should say what they think they deserve!! and that thinking is due to many reasons, for example: I have graduated from best university and students of this university get high paying job immediately, I am topper of my class or I am a gold medalist my C.V is full of my achievements and I deserve a high post in well reputed company, I have a very demanding degree so I must be hired soon!
            And that's what complicates the beginning of your career! you might have seen many intelligent students or toppers of their batch working beneath their colleagues who hardly used to get passing marks!  Why this is so? because their colleagues have not that thinking that we discussed above. But that's not the only reason! many of them may get a good job in beginning of their career but th1!ey are still not happy!
           Lets discuss some important points or rules that you have to take care and you have to follow in beginning of your career so, you could be really successful in future!!!


Yes that's true, you might be a genius student but that interviewer doesn't really care about it, because there might be many students like you and they don't really need hardworking student they need hard working employee, they will only believe you when you will show them your experience of working, where have you worked and how! so, if you do not have any experience do not expect much from your degree! That means in beginning all you need to have is experience not the "salary" so, if you apply in any company and they call you for interview and show positive symbol for hiring you but at "low pay" never reject the offer because they are providing you with "experience" and that's what you really need to start a good career! always remember YOU ALWAYS NEED STAIRS TO GO UP! and FIRST STEP IS ALWAYS THE LOWEST. If you try to climb directly on peak you may fall down badly!


Well congrats you have been hired! and then you came to know that you have to work under a person whom qualification is lower than you! or who is really irritating for you, That's what make you uncomfortable and you are not really happy with him and even do not obey him properly! and that's add negative points in your career, your senior will definitely complaint to higher authorities and even if you are right on your point, no company will replace their senior experienced employee with new employee about whom they are not 100% sure weather he is good at his work or not and if they found you both can not go together so, definitely you will be the one going out!
So, weather happily or forcefully obey your senior and try to make good relation with him/her! and remember HOW YOU TREAT YOUR SENIOR IS ACTUALLY HOW YOU ARE GOING TO BE TREATED BY YOUR JUNIORS!


Yes life is all about going forward, once you are stop you will be stuck forever! 
but what it actually means, you can keep on going by two ways.
First one, if your job is not a "dream job" than keep on trying to get better and better but it does not mean that you start leaving every company after 2-3 months, it creates negative impact on your C.V. Leave your job only after a good experience and if the next job is really good than this one!
Second one, If you have very good job and you don't want to leave it or you are not finding any good opportunity, but still you can go forward by increasing your knowledge or qualification, try to have short courses or take admission for master or any other degree that you can, it will add enough positive points in your career!

Well they are the key points of starting a successful career although there are many more things that you have to take care but please focus on these three points and I GUARANTEE YOU, YOU WILL NEVER BE DISAPPOINTED!

Hope you guys liked this post please write your comments and queries, any good or bad comment will be appreciated. Best of luck to all you guys, GOOD BYE!

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